Car Race

Hey guys, I’m working on car race movie. I did everthing in blender except vegetation and postproduction. I instancing environment so there will be millions of trees, bushes and grass models. I’m starting to animate now.




I can’t upload more then three images to post so few more images is on my portfolio.

My money is on the red one :slight_smile: Have you started any animation yet?, Look forward to seeing your progress.

I made just few studio shots yet. So far I have about 10s.

Looking dope :yes: Just out of curiosity, are you using a renderfarm,or just your own computing power?

dude… aren’t you the same guy who sometime earlier made a car rig addon and posted a video on youtube?
man i’m a big fan of yours and i can’t thank you enough for that addon you made.

bossestrenders: I use only my own computer power, exterior takes about a tree minutes per frame, interior little less.
pranavjitvirdi: Yes, I’m the dude;) I’m using it here but I discover that there are some nasty bugs. It is long time since I last scripting so I don’t know when I fix it.

yeah… as blender kept getting updated i started to see some bugs. i haven’t used the addon in like two years because i am working on this long project myself but if you anytime find time to update it please do. thanks and goodluck with the animation.

Looks great, will be keeping an eye on this…Nice work…

It is looking very good. I cant wait to watch it.

Test animation, there are still many bugs

That video was awesome!