car remake

hello after more than a year later, I too my old car back.

I deleted a few things and I am trying to improve it.

there is still a lot of work but It allready improved a lot.

The render took 10 minutes allready:

the texture isn’t very good on the car and the background is just to get an idea.

I would love to have some comment and crits on the model.

I have an other car in progresse, but I want to finnishe this one before. But I didn’t give up on the other one

i think the front lights are a little big but otherwise it looks great

I am going to leave the headlight this size because it is the main thing which makes it different from other cars. but thanks for your coment.
I just change the texture of the car and the background to be able to see the difference more clearly

update: smoothed the mesh a bit added windows with temporary texture, and changed texture. made it more metalic.

side view:
Front/side With BG:
Front/side without BG:
It might be a bot too metalic but I just wanted to see how it would look. C&C are appreciate. be as harsh as you want.:rolleyes:

it looks better now

Its strange, the scene layout of your first pic is exacly how I layed out the guns I modeled on the zombie game forum modeling thread…

Anyway thats an aero8 isnt it?

hmmm… although it has been said… loosing those ridiculous headlights will greatly improve the car, it is still individual enough as it is, IMO

Thanks for your coments.

Johnyman: thanks

Hc00: lol :smiley: the finnal one will be more detailed :smiley:

Traitor: what do you mean with loosing the big headlight? just making the whole thing smaller or just the headlight?

Hello. I new to the forums.
I think you should keep the headlights the way they are, as it makes it look futuristic.
Also, I think you should keep the background, an make it look like its on display at a car show.

He should keep the headlights (just make them slightly smaller maybe) as the car he is modeling it based off (its a racing conversion of the aero 8 from what I can see) has big goofy gozzy headlights

Hc00: ok well i have to see because it is a lot of tweeking but I might try just to see. But it might be hard and end up bad.

Jagji56: thanks for the comments. yea the car show was my maine idea, but I just want to make it more detailed. this was just to see how it would look roughly

ok well there is an update:

added a few thing and edited some other things.

small tweeks everywhere.

major change is the front.

please tell me if you like it?

Very nice…Id say that shot looks incredible :slight_smile:
Good work