Car render

Hi, this is my rendering. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, what model year is this?
A series of criticism:

  • The weird reflection on the front side of the weel arch and it prevents my eyes to follow car’s lines pleasantly.
    Dunno if it’s a geometry issue or just a weird reflection, but it’s disturbing.

  • The other weird reflection on the hood right above the headlight, same, but I’m sure it’s not a geometry issue.

-I suggest you to work on headlights glass shader. It should be more reflective at certain angles. I think you’ve just used a custom glass material to avoid darkness inside the headlight, but you have to give it correct reflection too or it will look unnatural.

  • Backlights shader looks too much saturated to be so exposed to light. I guess it could be a color management issue. Have you tried filmic_blender? Still have doubt about the material tho.

  • Tires shader looks too much plastic rather than rubber.

  • Please… this license plate that it’s really horrible.

I suggest also to discard the second image cause it has no sense at all.
Don’t give up.