Car rendering with Cycles using GPU.

Here are my renderings of Audi R8 modeled with NURBS in Alias Surface and some small details were modeled in Blender.
Rendering was done with Cycles and Nvidia GTX670. Since I wanted to render a fly around video, the car was rendered separately from the background and shadows to reduce total render. The background is just plain color. Shadows were also rendered separately and later composed into one image with the car and background. Total render time (car + shadows + compositing) for one FHD frame was around 5 min.
The lighting is a simple jpg environment map that I made myself.
Video can be viewed on YouTube at: There are also videos of Audi A6 and Audi TT rendered using the same technique.

The car looks really clean <3. It is just awesome. The material is perfect too :D. I wish nurbs were good in blender :/.

NURBS are evil by their very nature. I wish somebody comes up with a NURBS replacement.
Subdivision surfaces look like a good start, but a way to control curvature must be added somehow.

are there any tuts for nurbs car modeling inside of blender?

Blender does not have NURBS tools for modeling complex surfaces. There were some projects now and then to add NURBS modeling, but no results so far. Blender mesh and subdivision surface tools are good enough to achieve similar results, even for car modeling. NURBS modeling is a very small niche by now and if you want/need NURBS modeling, it is better to learn Alias Surface. There are many tutorials for Alias Surface.

Good job dude