Car rig physics and terrain

Well I have finished a small project that was too work on moving ROUBAL’s car rig to blender 2.6+
(His rig is from blender 2.49)
And the process was very tedious I can say. I faced many problems with constraints and empties from following his 111 page pdf tutorial… Only thing that is not fixed or I cant bypass is the steering(select the bone that is connected with 2 childs in the very front and it dosnt steer the wheels unless messing with the two front tire bones to active it byut by activating it with deactivate other process. :frowning: So eventually today I got tired of the rig and now im releasing it.
Full credit towards Roubal-

Here is a video of the rig and testing-

Link to file-

- How to’s-

  • The rig is very very unnamed because well I didn’t feel like naming anything do too didn’t have the time to and dont feel like going through every bone to name stuff.
    But most of the bones are named and easy to use.

- Bone explanation-
-Main bone- (Rig_car_Wheel_rotation)is the main bone to control the hole body rig
And when you move on the Y-axis it rotates the tires correctly as you move the car rig. Animating this is very easy(Look at my video above to see the final product of the animation- Just by keyframing that same bone on the Y-axis at different times.
-Also the tires are parented through a huge process- Look below on how to use your own mesh or vehicle to work with rig.

-Wheels are linked with a mesh called Sensor which give the sense as the vehicle moves it follows the terrain giving it lifelike physics. (As shown in the video)- The vertical climb and trajectory of the wheels are not animated. Only thing that is animated is the 1 bone- ( Rig_car_Wheel_rotation

-All the other bones are on a different layer.

-Select the (Box_car_test)- to make it easy- Select in edit mode, hide every piece of the mesh. Select your vehicle and join the two meshes. Unhide the (Box_car_test) and delete every piece after you aline your vehicle with the placeholder box_car_test mesh. This will easily replace the mesh in edit mode so you wont have to mess with constraints. Kinda self explanatory if your good with blender.

-Do the same process with the wheels.

If this all works and your mesh- (vehicle body and wheels) are alined “perfectly” with the placeholders and you didnt mess with constraints, then you can easily move your mesh.

-The road is a simple mesh with bumps and hilly surface. To change it with another mesh just select the mesh Sensor(its in another layer- and is a blue plane)- Select the modifier tab and change the shrinkrap target to your mesh name.

-BeAdvised- that this is a test rig and unfinished( I did all I could to get it to this point) Which was hard HA!!! YES!!! Anyways

If you guys do fix the rig in anyway and or add stuff and do whatever please reply back to this thread-- Have fun blending away

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I have added a tutorial aswell for a much better rig.