Car Rig

(STart) #21

Hello, looks like this nice script does not working in newest blender vertion, is there hope that some one fix it?


(ExtremeCaliber) #22

Once I generated the rig, the car turned upside down. Anyone know a fix? Using blender verson 2.78a


(davidg) #23

I just made a fixed version (v0.3) for Blender 2.79. Hope it will help. I haven’t tested it thoroughly but seems to be pretty ok.
The latest version is available at :

What is fixed:

  • The body car is no more turning upside down when you click on generate
  • Removing global variable in the script (avoid bugs when you have several car armatures in the same scene)

What is improved:

  • wheel size is automatically calculated (you can still adjust it in the property panel if you like)
  • rig car panel and buttons are only displayed when the current selected object is a car meta rig. This will break backward compatibility: if you open a scene with a car armature created with version 0.2, it will be not identified as a car meta rig and the car panels will not be displayed in the menus.


When i clicked generate, it become like this


(Addidi) #25

Thanks for your work, there! … is there a documentation for it , or something? … the videos seem visible no longer :confused: