Car Riggin Problem with Automatic Rotation of Tyres

Pfa the Car blend file.

The mechanism works in such a way that the tyres start rotating automatically as we move the root bone forward in Z Axis with Normal Pivot Point.

The problem arises when we rotate the root in any direction and then move it forward , the tyres start rotating automatically in the opposite direction.

Kindly help. Highly appreciated!


car.blend (6.2 MB)

Thats a real problem to rig the car with constrain. you can not rotate the wheel in +Y and -Y or +x and -X in same time. well i came up with a tricks, it will take some time to explain… but here is my rig. check it properly, check all constrain how it set up and u will get it.

Thanks @Dhruba … I went through your Rig and many others I understand it now. I guess we have to manually rotate the wheels for the animation without creating a mechanism for it. Thanks for the input really appreciate it!