Car rim topology problem

Hey all
I am having this dilemma on what to do to create a smooth topology. This is the one that I have currently…

Notice how there is a smooth vert line after the headlight. the problem is I don’t know how to continue the tire rim…so I thought of an alternative…
This does stretch some polies and make loop cut a little strange, so how should I topologize this part of the car? I can give blend files…this is an Aston Martin DBS

Put the poles away from edges

Simple way to get that edge flow is to initially model the wheel well opening somewhat larger than needed, then select edges going around the inside of the opening, extrude them, then scale them inwards. You’ll then have that loop (or is it a ring?) of edges around the opening that should subdivide nicely.

Of course edge flow isn’t everything on subdivided curves (but it’s a big part), there’s tension too. If I recall correctly, I think using relax of the Loop Tools plugin might be handy to help round it out quickly, if still having problems getting edges distributed evenly around the curve manually.

Oh ok thanks guys
@JA12: then what do I do about the pentagon near the light? It might be a problem if I try to use loops or subsurf/smooth

@pauljs: Yeah I tried that the first time I tried modeling it, but then I couldn’t finish the front side if I did that method

I managed to get rid of that penta by doing this…this is the solution :slight_smile:

What pentagon? This one?

If so, come on. Yes it’s a crummy picture but it’s meant to be a pentagon as much as the edges on the right are meant to be floating separate edges. Took your screenshot quickly in gimp to show that the poles are away from the edges, it’s not a optimal topology presentation, and wouldn’t be since the form is not apparent. Didn’t start searching for references.

I might have modeled the same bit over the existing one for better visuals (within the same timeframe) but I didn’t have the .blend. What I sure as hell won’t do is start begging for the file and then wait for it with my legs crossed - no, I answer there and there if I can.

Actually all Aston Martins have a yellow pentagon and a red arrow near the front left. You can see them quite clearly in this picture.

@JA12: No, I already knew that it was a pentagon. I was asking if it would effect the topology if I need to cut or modify that part of the car…Is my solution better or worse, considering that I don’t have that pentagon and I can loop cut any part?
And you could have just asked for the .blend you know…I still have it (obviously)

@DruBan: I really don’t know if that is sarcastic of for real…you know that no car out of the factory has a shape and an arrow drawn anywhere on the car…