Car Shader Help - Cycles

Hello guys, i made a toyota GT 2000 and rendered with cycles, i like the finish result, but i wanna make a diferent version, with a more realistic shader, this in my opnion its like a vector or something.
I Have a look in the Car shader thread a few days ago and watch the tutorial of jonathan willamson, but the same nodes dont worked for me.
Here’s the render and the node tree.

Can someone give me some tips to make a more realistic shader for this model?

Thanks Guys!


Anyone? :frowning:

The guys of the other topic about car shader has putted some node trees, and the result was pretty good, so i wanna now if anyone can help me, because that exactly node setup not worked for me, and my variaton made my result more to a vector draw.

imo you need lights. ‘vector graphics’ is caused by 2 sharp glossy nodes at the end. monotone light emitter mathematically correct reflections on curved surfaces. I made this a bit shorter chain. First one is 2 light planes, one quite big on top, another smaller front 3/4. Second is bump added which blurs these sharp reflections. Third is some crazy lights - plane cut in stripes, bent a bit and duplicated around.
Color hex values are given in node names. To mute bump, select last Multiply node and hit ‘m’.

Thanks eppo, i will try this and post back.

Here’s the result with this node setup:

I dont know why the door and the front dont look good… the suzzane above are great, but in this car i dont like it.
Anybody know why?
Thanks guys.


I don’t think your problem lies solely with the shader. How is this being lit? I can see no light box highlights in the paintwork.

I would start with searching out some tutorials on lighting cars and create some lighting to match. Also another big factor in ‘selling’ the image is the reflections in the paintwork, are you using a background image to wrap around the car?

Are you using blender internal or cycles?


If eppo’s and carpaint thread’s nodes look not fine the problem is not about the shader, but lights in your scene and your model, which seems kinda messy and a bit “low quality”. Plus, check your side door and hood’s normals, they seem inverted.

I don’t think you followed properly jonathan willamson’s tutorial, as long as your result is far away from it. Don’t look just at the final node screenshot, Jonathan excluded glossy reflection for certain type of lights and used few tricks to get the final results.

Make shader tests on a simple sphere or suzanne first, rather than a heavy scene like that.


This is cycles render. Thanks marcoG_ita, the normals of the door are inverted. The result is much better now. The lamp setup is a background light and sometihing approach to 3 lighting setup.
How i can get this nice reflection of the suzzane above?

Lol, re-read what LCG and I wrote. There are no magic buttons.

I just mean if i use a HDR Image or someting like that to make a good reflections.

It depends of what type of image you want to achieve. For car studio still life as Jonathan’s Ferrari tutorial, you don’t need HDRI.

Seriously man, you should watch that tutorial again and do it step by step since you seem to want achieve that look. It’s a medium/semi advanced tutorial so, follow it carefully.

I made a few changes in the node material and in the lighint setup, tomorrow i put the new render here, i will let rendering tonight.