Car: Shelby Cobra

Work until now in the WIP section can be seen here:

My idea was to make a Shelby Cobra, based on the blueprints (found a little further down).
It is not intended to be 100% photorealistic, but i’ve tried to achieve a somewhat realistic look. The goal is that it shall be easy recognizable, with the right proportions. I’m going to make more cars, and hopefully i’ll end up with a whole carpark =) My next project is a Lotus Super Seven. (Which will soon be found in the WIP section.)

I have approx. 1½ month of Blender experience, and i’ve mostly been working on modeling stuff based on blueprints.

The work on the Cobra is based on images found on google, and on this blueprint:

Side view:
Top view:
Front view and wheel:

Renders (Blender Internal):
Front side and rear side view:

Front view and Scene test (not completed):

I’ve also thought about rendering in YafRay with HDRI lightning, but in the tests i’ve done, some really bright, sharp spots of specularity occur, which look very unrealistic. I’ve tried different settings of the material, and the GI-lightning to make them go away, but i haven’t found a way to do it. It’s the first time i’ve tried to use YafRay and HDRI lightning, so maybe it’s just inexperience - but if someone can tell me a way to avoid them i’d be happy.

HDRI test render (YafRay):

I’d really appreciate if you would come with C&C’s on how to improve it! =)

wow! :smiley: thats hot. it looks really good.

i think that the tires might have too much traction though.

you should also put more detail in the interior (although i’m sure you’ll get to that later. :D)

nice work

it looks great, work alot on the interior, every great focused car model has a interior render to die for, and even try rendering door hinges for those open door renders…

your model looks subperb, the only thing i could even slightly suggest is try ambient occlusion instead of yafray…

and on some areas of the car it looks like a vertc or two could be added for smoothness…

but, i really do love your model, on a side note that is one of my top 5 favorite cars of all time, its good to see such a nice model like yours

Catfish - thanks… i’ll remove some of the traction =) (not that hard, when it’s nor-mapped)
And yep, i’ll work on the interior some more…

Elitewolver - I thank you…! but a render to die for?! drastic methods… :P… but i’ll work on it. My only problem with it is, that when i make chrome in the interior, it’s hard to see because it reflects everything else.
All the images under “Renders” is rendered with blender internal, and AO, it’s only the last “HDRI test” image that’s rendered with Yafray.
Could you please point out thost spots of “add more vertices”? you know… on can stare himself blind at a project =)
I’m honered by being in your top-five… - never dreamt of that…! =)

Thanks for the comments, both of you. I can hear, that the interior is the place to work… [i]