Car - Steampunk(ish) theme

If this fits more to the work in progress, please move.

However, having started this last week, it’s more towards the finale than a work in progress.

The items / concerns are:
The chain
The windshield

Thoughts on the car - in clay right now - would be much appreciated.

The car originally began as a Shelby - it’s nice having the actual vehicle to eyeball, my cousin owns one. A 64 repainted in a lime green.

I have a bit more to add but as mentioned the chain is the most concern as I am not sure if that’s a tad overkill.

Anyone? Some assistant would be welcomed… if it’s not too hard, mind.

It’s a good start!
I’m not sure about the chain…it’s giving character to the car but also seems like functionally useless. Maybe you can limit that to the grill guard or double (one part of the chain going to the right and the other end going to the left) to give the impression is keeping up the front part.
For now you can improve the front grill guard modeling and the rear fender; i guess some other shapes are still wip.
If you want to add easy details you can put more panelings, a lot of rivets…

Im not sure of the chain either, Looks like its from mad max or something.

Maybe try rendering it without the chain and post it here?

Looking really good! I think the chain might be OK, but it will have to be treated properly. Do you have materials done yet? I’d love to see a full render!

This is actually Ashley N. … One has got to love email security measures. Can’t get into the account I used to sign up with and the password I thought I used isn’t it.


Funny you mention Mad Max. Nice thing about Steampunk it can be post apocalyptic, 1900s, or wild west themed. I picked post apocalyptic.

I am getting materials together, and weighing if I will have enough time to put together a guy or gal leaning against the door. That and enough computer size - the car is already 27 mb.

I’ve pushed in the trunk area like an El Camino - car with truck bed - however, seeing as the image is angled this way might get rid of that idea.

I need to redo the door, it moved a bit out of shape when putting in the vents. The front grill, err. I want it sort of chunky but there’s something off about it. And that thing in the “hole” you can’t make out really, cause I am still off on lighting, is part of a rough engine. No real detail.

If mods think work in progress is a better spot, please move.