car studio lighting help

this might ger difficult to understand at times, if you can just stick with it i hope things will clear up the more you read. rude comments based on unfinnished reading are never fun.

ok… i need help with getting a seriese of working examples of Lamborghini Murcielago car lighting (this is in luxrender but the studio should be able to be designed in most renderers as long as the same rules of rendering are followed).

i have found a number of… working… studio environments but none are quite right for my model. i want to get a seriese of examples so i can model my own studio, but there are a few coviats (sry dont know how to spell coviat)…

This is a studio, not a faked photoshop render where the car is on an impossibly shiny black floor that some how isnt lit, but the car is. the studio is a studio and is WHITE!

next is that i like soft lighting, not hard edge lamp reflection lighting, so im alright with a few soft box style area lamps, but keep it to a minimum.

know that the car will be POWDER COAT WHITE! so it is white on white. ergo the background needs to have some sort of point lamp (or somthing like it) for a simulated vignetting effect.

if at all possible i like semetrical ISH lighting so its not brighter on the left than the right.

I DO NOT USE HDRI MAPS IN STUDIOS!!! this is important. no matter how realistic the hdri map, hdri maps SIMULATE a realistic effect, but under close enough scrutiny one would find the lighting scenario simply unrealistic, despite a realistic render.

remember this is lux! you can design this in another renderer and the results should be similar, but you CAN NOT place lamps directly in the view of the camera or they would be visible just as if they where in real life, and i like it that way. it keeps the honest car renderers honest.

These are the critera, and i hope some people are able to help… YES i know im being extreemly picky, but everything matters.

know that i likely will not directly use any studios posted but rather techniques offered, and i will make sure to make it known in my forum thread for this that the inspiration for the studio was come up by what ever members contributed.

you can see the latest render on the first post of my Lamborghini LP640-4/2 thread.

i am not offering my model to be used for being helped… this is portfolio work and under no circumstances can i risk it being taken… but i know a murcielago model can be found on blend swap and can be textured similarly and the results should not be that different from mine.

AGAIN! i know im being rly picky and i hope the only comments i see arent “your not givin us much to work with”… work with it like you where doing it in real life, there are just certain things you CANT do in real life and i want it to be treated the same way in the render.

any help that can be offered would be awsome.

know this is not just for me, i would like to create a database of working, realistic studios to post for the public. i see a lot of models that are very good that are studio renders, and the studio just sucks, kindof like mine. so i hope some people can contribute.

thank you every body who has stuck with me this far and is willing to at least consider helping.

Your question is too wordy. To get an answer, narrow it down to a few sentences what you would like to do or have a problem with.
Nobody want to help if they have to read a book to understand what you want.

unfortunately the problem is a book thik…

you want it less wordy, here you go.

white studio for white lamborghini murciealago, even lighting, no lamps in front of camera, no hdri maps, no quesitons.