Car studio render

I found a thread at on studio lighting for a car. Since I am new to the topic I thought I should give it a try.

This is my first decent render. I will (hopefully) post back - after I have done some research and tutorials - with a better image.

Post production render:-

Straight render

I am not sure if the gamma correction is right, so if you have a properly gamma corrected monitor please give feedback on how it looks.

The Yafray thread is here.
The car model is by Empire 3D and DMI and there are some useful links there too.
I used a coated glossy material for the car paint and a sunsky background with two meshlights; the colours are from

Here is try no. 2.

I added another meshlight, still with sunsky, but I’m thinking this wants an HDR background featuring mountains, so I may make another. I increased the reflectivity on the paint material, but I’m still not happy with it; I can’t help thinking it should show some noise and more depth.

Here is a link to the larger image.

Post production done with Gimp - is it too warm?