Car textures

Hi guys. I working in Blender for few months. Earlier for few years I was using 3DS Max, but Blender is much better (in my opinion). I’m making a car model, and I’m wondering, how to make realistic textures for it. Do You have any tips?

ps. Sorry for my bad English.

Hey Tenjin!
Here’s some tips while car texturing:

  1. Observe, observe, observe real cars
  2. Don’t expect the texture to make a bad model look amazing
  3. Concentrate on accuracy rather than immense detail
  4. Get a really good clean material before adding texturing with rust spots, mud, chipped paint etc.
    Those have been really helpful to me in the past, if you have any questions at all feel free to private message me!
    If anything of that doesn’t make sense just say so and I’ll explain it better.