Car thief Keith

Follow the adventures of hapless criminal Keith as he attempts to break into cars!

More about the project here:

…and here:

All done with the mighty Blender!!! I originally wanted to call him Shaun the Smackhead but I wasn’t allowed to get away with that! I also had body parts falling at the end which also got the chop!

hahaha great animation thats very funny!

where’d the engine go?
[lol, I watched it three times before i noticed the graffiti on the wall…

good sound effects too

Nice work! Great animation… four stars!

animtion could use work naturally, but overall, nicely done… it has rhythm.

waiting for next one… refine that walk and character motion…


All three animations are already done so there won’t be any refinement in this series! Noted for next time though!

Haha! That is awesome! Great work.

This is really funny, good idea…i love such short funny movies.

The next episode is now out:


What will happen to Keith this time?

Not as good as the first one… Still very good animation, though! Keep it up!

The third and final installment of the Car Thief Keith series is now available:



Brilliant. there is nothing else to say!

Cool animations! simple but cool

The last one was really great, the shattering effect was brilliant.

Haha, I love these. I don’t think the second one was as good as the other two, but still great! The third is awesome! How did you do it?


The shattering was done using a version of Blender that hasn’t been released yet. I downloaded a build from that had an explode modifer by someone called Jahka (I think?!?).

I normally shy away from anything too technical but this wasn’t too bad… and lots of fun smashing up meshes!!! :slight_smile: