Car topology

I was wondering if cars have a edge flow like the human muscle structure? I tried finding blueprints to car chassis but I cant find any. something like this but all views.


I would say yes. Edge flow defines contour direction. But also keep in mind edge placement controls smoothing tension when working with Catmull-Clark subdivision. Watch some videos on “hard surface modeling” if you’re having an issue pinning down how this works on mechanical objects.

The organic forms in something like a vehicle still tend to be more critical in the body, rather than internal structures though. (It’s one of the reasons I prefer what I call the “top down” approach.) Unless you’re going for uber-detail, with intent of all such structures being seen and seen up close.

By the way the picture you have there would present some obvious edge flows. The eye tends to follow them.

Agreed, flow makes it much easier when it coems to detailing and isolating panels. Check out some free 3D car models and that should help give you an idea of how to go about things. Some may be heavily detailed or all tris, but even so, it’s possible to figure out the main edge flow normally.