[car] toyota mr-2 + house

next car after my noble m14 (thats goin in game so i will show the end product soon)

but on with teh mr-2
just started it yesterday, from me this is a lot of work for two day :slight_smile:


any coments, crits, surgestions and payouts welcome :smiley:

ooo btw thank sonix for teh materials :smiley:

thats a really nice, really clean model.

no crits,

can’t wait to see it complete.

thanks for the coment ikekrull

here an update

did teh back, all wats left to do on teh exterior is the finer detail, and then onto teh interior, iam not good at them :-?


As others have mentioned - very nice model, can i ask how you modeled it? because im attempting a car and was woundering how you did it - Boxmoddling or start from one vert and extrude.
I also have to comment on the reflection that you have - top job looks real clean and actually real.

Oh and also would it be possible to post a wire frame? Greatly appreciated of you can. :smiley:


Good work, This is one of the best models I have seen being done in Blender, This is the start of your project but still, it looks good.

I think you dont need to worry about the interior as your modeling skill are more then good for it.

go ahead… and complete it :slight_smile:

i used extruding

here the tut that i learnt to model with

and i just experimented with that process

for the materials sonix made a library

as for the wire when ever i do set teh material to wire not all of it comes out so if i get that to work properly i will post


thanks varuag

umm i have never like doin the interiors, i have never finished one but i plain to finish this one, even if it is low detail, casue the car is part of a bigger picture

i dont know if i can help but ill try anyway - Some things i have found useful when trying to create a wire frame image is to create a new texture of black and set it to “wire” and “shadeless” in the mat section, then set all your mesh’s to that mat, make the world white and presto a wire frame image. Hope im not bugging you too much :stuck_out_tongue: (just want to see it) :slight_smile:

And also thanks for those links <3

sorry i tried all that and still came out with something like this


goin to do teh head light and stuff tonight so i will hopefully have an update by then

oh i think i have figured alittle bit out - try this. Subsurface the mesh by 1 and then render it, if the mesh is then too detailed then click the button “optimal”, that seems to work alittle better :smiley:

thanks here r some better one

it looks a bit cluttered but they r better then teh one i just posted



btw in the renders i have subsurface set to 2

Ahh thanks soo much :smiley: - One thing i have to say is your mesh is very neat and has shownen me ways to do things eg - door seams.
Cant wait for your next renders. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice model, but you seem to be making work harder for yourself.

Why don’t you simply model one side, then mirror it? It would be a lot quicker.

@ [email protected] :: thanks

i am mirroring the car i just do individual part at a time, say the front bumper, and then the hood

Looks good.

Ipressive model.

And nice storyboard, from scratch to supermodel, hehe

Now, let’s hope i get the real deal

This’ll be one for the gallery, no crits from me yet.

here a pics of the background for the car, really it just two projects that i have goin and iam going to use them together

anyway the house
-teh path out teh front is not final
-there is goin to be a garage to teh left
-and a second story

a pic


Gday tommy. Im also modeling a car at the moment and im having a bit of trouble with the panel seams. I have used a method quite like yours (that is extrude them in to the interior) however i cant get them as shape as you have. I also have subsurv 2. My thread is https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32281

If you could be of some help. It would be much appreciated.