Car/Train Demo

Hi, I put this very simple car game environment together last night. I like the looks of it so far but still a lot of work to do.

I need to create a simple car or train demo for a client and I don’t know if I can do it quickly in Blender. The car needs to go through checkpoints and activate sounds and lights. I need to make the car move using the keyboard etc.

Is Unity simple enough to use for creating a simple car demo or is Blender just as capable? I’d be happy to use Blender if some of you don’t mind me asking a lot of questions so I can get this demo completed as soon as possible.


Question Re: Alpha Maps
I created trees using an alpha and a plane in front of the camera for the car interior but they don’t show up in the game. Any ideas why and how I can fix this?

Are you using 2.49? are you using Blender GLSL? If yes don’t forget textured mode. What about normals, did you check that? When using alphas
check if you did everything correctly in Material buttons. For now that’s all i can think of


Thanks. I am using 2.57. The trees look fine when I render them in Blender but not in the game engine. I can’t remember where “texture mode” is but I’ll see if it’s selected.


It looks as though your alpha-enabled textures aren’t showing up. Ensure you’re using GLSL mode (under the Render settings with Blender Game selected as the renderer (at the top of the Blender window)), as that is the closest you’ll be able to get to a render.

EDIT: And I’m not sure how easy it is to make a quick playable demo / game with Unity. If you know it well, then I’m sure it’s very easy, though if you don’t, I would expect at least a few days of fumbling around before you get everything you need to get.

Thanks SolarLune. I think I figured it out. Turns out it wasn’t my trees alpha settings at all, but the BGE doesn’t like “particle” systems. When I took the tree out of the particle system then it looked fine in the game (see image).

Anyone know how you are supposed to distribute trees in a “random” fashion without using a particle system?

You can do so with the particle system. What you’re going to see is many tree ‘particles’ placed in the pattern you need, but there will also be a Particle System modifier active on the partice emitter (I think). I believe you can apply that modifier to create the trees in the positions that you see.

That’s what I thought too but when I applied the modifier the trees are invisible in the game engine. I’m sure lots of people here have used the particle system to distribute objects in the Game Engine. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. :frowning: