Car tutorials for 2.75/2.76?

Hi! I’ve seen only one car tutorial, this one, however, I cannot seem to find one that works properly with Bender 2.75/2.76.

Can anyone point me the right way? Thanks!

Well, this works in 2.75 and propably in 2.76:

But it is in Dutch and I had problems understanding it. I am expecting to make a tutorial on my own when me and agoose77 resolve transmission part. Than I am about to make a tutorial which includes engine curves, gear ratios, drag equation etc.

However, I am about to note that I’m still a bit ill yet…:frowning:

Sorry you’re sick, and I am, too.

Ironically, right after I posted this, I found this tutorial, which worked in 2.76 for me. I don’t have a car model, yet, so I had to download one, but the rotation was screwy, so it didn’t work quite as expected. But that’s the model’s fault, not the script. Works great for me.