Car tutorials?

hello blenders, i’m fairly new at this new past time. I began a couple years ago, and i have enjoyed the things i have learned so far. I would like to however, further my learning. That is how i have come to here. Looking for support and advice on how to make my graphic designs shine. I enjoy cars quite a bit, and I have seen some quite impressive pictures of ones created using Blender. I wouldn’t even know where to start, so if anyone can give me a clue on where to go or what to do it would be greatly appreciated. I would say my skills for Blender are well beyond basic, however i’m far from being an “expert”. Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance.

For the old interface:


There’s also a subsurf modeling one by Burans:

I think the load images in background has changed since it was described in the tutorial. If you’re using 2.32, you’ll need to access it from the ‘View’ menu in the 3DWindow header, then select ‘Background image…’

or you could UVMap the car images onto plane(s) instead.