car tutorials

might be in the rong forum, but.
are there any good car tutorials that take you through all the stages??
im looking for a tutorial for something like this:


There’s tons of car tuts.

And no need to bump your own thread.
Patience is a virtue!

tried that for 4 years, but no, did my best.

There’s a really good car tutorial (downloadable pdf) at
You’ll find the car tutorial link at the end of the list. I didn’t find it at that page. I don’t know if he did some redesigning, or what. I had downloaded the PDF and I think I also got the images of the car blueprints from that site. I used this tutorial for my first crack at making a 3D car model and was really pleased. I got beyond the raw basics before I tackled this challenge.

thanks but the pdf had a script error. thanks anyway

have you seen the one that was in blender art mag issue 8

yup, didn’t really help

Sorry about the script error in the PDF. I did not notice it as it worked fine for me. If only that kind of fortune went around to everybody.
I thought, there was an HTML version of the same tutorial, because Dark Scarab had some tutorials with both HTML and PDF versions, as I recall. Also, I found the same tutorial located at another location. But it might have been one of DS’s mirror sites. If I stumble across and alternative that could be useful to you, I’ll be sure to post it here.