Car Wind Tunnel with Particles ???


did anybody ever try to build a wind tunnel test with blender showing actual flow of air
over lets say a car or a cycling helmet to troubleshoot wind turbulences?

Is that even possible with Blender? Wind would go over the complete car surface and slide down at the back part of the car like this:


should be pretty simple to test. Set the car as an obstacle. Obviously Blender doesnt know about suction or venturi so that stuff would have to be simulated.

Curve guides would be good for this. I’m assuming you are not asking whether Blender can actually simulate the physics of the turbulence and the streamlining?


i knwo i know i know it cannot do turbolences

i was just curious if at least the smoke trail would follow the car in the back
or if only the front part of the car will move the particles …

I havn’t messed with fluid simulation in blender much beyond dropping a ball in water, but if it is accurate it should probably be the best way of getting those effects. Afterall, air is a fluid.

that is what i thought as well.

solidworks has some great wind tunnel simulation but well it is in solidwokrs.

When the next version of blender (with the particles rewrite) comes out, you could try fiddling around with boids behaviours to do this. (Or find a build with it already.)