Car Wip, Any thoughts?

Hey everyone, this is another sidetrack to my bigger project, (i have a short attention span) and i wanna know what you guys think of this little sports car, i wanna finish it, but im not really sure i like the way its going, im still pretty new to blender, but i want to play about with textures and reflections eventually so i figured a car would be a good start. anyway, let me know how you think i could do this better.

And yes, i know it needs a steering wheel. :slight_smile:


Good work.

I like the style very much.

And yeah you need to work with the material, textures and reflections and so on.

The only thing i don’t like is that the rim ( the thing inside the tire, i don’t know if it is called rim) is made with triangles, and subsurfed (i think), so you get this bad edge… Try to make it out of a square with subsurf instead!!!

Keep up the good work

Post some wires and I’ll give you feedback. :slight_smile:

Looks cute, maybe try adding some doors?

k, how do i render a wireframe?

i would add doors, but i wanna keep the double exhausts exposed, so ill have a play with that and see what i can do.

the tires are definitely temporary, im trying to make it look as un toylike as possible so they will go asap.

Thanks for the feedback!

Added doors, a quick spoiler and made some bits shiney.

Hmmm, still dosent look right to me. (yeah, i know the wheels still suck)

This is how to render wires from OpenGL view:


Thanks, ill play about with that.