Car WIP (Update 10/21)

Long time Blender dabbler, long time lurker on the forums here, but its my first WIP post. Started this earlier tonight based on a sketch I did in class the other day. Excuse the screenshot, I was too lazy to set up a test scene. Still have to clean up some parts of the mesh and get the body lines right, but the general shape is there. I might end up entering this in the Peugot design contest if I get around to finishing it.

Look like you made a good start. This will look real nice when you start adding more details.

Keep going,


yeah i agree. god job

Did a little work on the car today, including an attempt to make some body lines with creasing, which turned out ok, but I’ll be tweaking those later. I added some basic head and taillights as well. I also ran into some problems with the air scoop behind the window, I just can’t get it to look decent.
Air scoop just seems to bulge out too much :frowning:
Weird stuff going on here, kinda hard to see but there is a bump in the mesh.
Wire. Not sure what happened to my mesh where the circle is, but I have to fix that.
Got rid of the air scoop, still not happy with it though.

Still just taking screens from Blender. I don’t feel like setting up a scene right now to render it. Anyone who’s got a generic scene they want to send me to render would be great.