Car with Yaf(a)ray

Hey Everyone,
I am doing a render of a car using yafaray.
But I’m having problems with the headlights. As you can se in the images, when i get the glass close it gets black, and when I move it away from the box it looks like normal glass.

In this moment it has no lamps (only AO - direct lightning), but I alredy tryed put a lamp (sun) but I got the same result.

I also show you the images from the render configurations and the glass material.
Can anyone give me a hand?

i cant see it :frowning: probably becase i cant see images from img hosts

Hi :wink:

Images rapidshare:

Direct lighting will probably not yield you a lot here…

I can remember having the same problems…

Eventually use photon lighting, or path tracing…

Or you could try to flip the normals of the lights, that could fix your problem as well (could!!)

hey henri … i had the same problem but in blender internal maybe be its about shadows falling on them for me when i turned the “shadow” ((in shaders window)) off for the head lights behind the head light mirror the problem went off. and nice car you’ce got there

Isn’t the only the interior of cavities dark? The glass seems to be OK in 2nd pic. The problem is how AO works: it is based on geometry and it seems that in Yafaray it doesn’t care about alpha of material. So if every ray from a point on surface always hit a face it is black, therefore there is no light. AO is only effect, impractical to be used with transparent materials. So use another method (path tracing or photon map) to let the light inside.

You can try to lower the AO distance param to lower value than the glass-light distance, but you’ll get ugly dark line where it’ll be quite noticeable.

Try area lights, for complex shadows.

Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, but without success yet. :confused:
I will try another method (path tracing or photon map)

Thanks, but yet I accept sugestions :wink:

I though I explained why AO doesn’t work in this case. AO isn’t good lighting solution on transparent objects, although on solid faces it’s fast and convincing.

what method are you using to render this (full, sky dome, or none) cause if your using full, what are your CDepth and Depth set at, and are you using photons?

Do you have some sort of web protection?
I have K9