Car: Xtest

Hi all, this is my first serious attempt at modelling, started over 1 year ago. It was meant to be a benchmark for me to learn the basics of Blender (that’s why ‘test’) but I didn’t have a precise idea of what the project, apart from being a car, was going to be (that’s why ‘X’).

Now Xtest is a car in a double version (coupé and spider), made with no blueprints, with real rims (Alfa Romeo 147), some details still to improve, some still to model. However, it is defined enough to become soon a FP.

The real problem is there’s no way I can get satisfied with my renders. I mean, really satisfied. I love HDR + Yafray, but I still haven’t figured out how to make lights work properly. Which settings really influence Yafray? Light energy, ok. Ambient light? Horizon color? I’m a little confused.

Here are some of my renders, anyway. C&C welcome. I also have a short ‘clay’ clip, but I’m looking for a host to upload it.

i think this car looks very nice. good style, and nice details so far. I imagine that you will be adding more to the details of the car itself?

yaf + hdr is great, no doubt. alot of the time the hdr is used to actually light the scene itself, so careful choice of the probe you use will make a huge difference in how the final render looks and ‘feels’.

alot of the same light settings work the same way in internal & yaf, just scaled quite differently. you may want to play around with some simple renders to get a few for what that difference actually is…

can’t wait to see more!