Hi, this is my first post here. Been using blender about 3 years now.
C&C welcome

Did you use speedititis tutorial? Looks good, I’m trying to get better joins on mine, couldn’t quite work out his explanation.

That thing is going to be scratching against the ground over EVERY speed bump, methinks.

There seems to be an OSA problem at the wheels.

nevertheless eXtreme nice car. :wink:

Really neat image! I like the model… kinda cartoony/stylized.

I also really like the environment you set up (lighting, refl image, shadows, etc…) Any chance of sharing some tips on how you set this up?

robdollar, what’s the link to speedtiti’s tute? (I like your porsche model, too, btw…)

Sorry forgot to put it on my thread, updated now, here it is. Speedtiti Car Tutorial

Mighty stylish for a first post.

And you wouldn’t be able to see over the bonet either. :stuck_out_tongue: </sarcasm> :wink:

love the soft cartoon look, but i’d make the wheel cages and the bottom of the car have some hard edges to get rid of the teletubbie look :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, it’s my first car (good car that is) so much to improve in future models. The environment is just a white plane and background with the planes abience set to full, with AO on.

Llama, thanks for sharing the setup! I got some similar feedback from stewie in this WIP thread… it doesn’t rain but it pours… :slight_smile: Appreciated!