Here is a car I was just recently modeling:
And the wires:
I plan to finish this model fully, and I am working on the back of the car right now. Please tell me anything I need to fix.

Oh ya, this model is a Mazda rx 8 that im kinda changing a bit (kinda doing this freestyle).

You’re off to a good start. Looks like you got your poly’s flowing the right way. I’m not sure what to crit yet, seems too soon to make any.

Anyway, it’s lookin pretty good so far. Keep workin on it :slight_smile:

edit Now that i look at it a second time, i do have one crit.
The part under the grill looks a bit funny near the center. Might wanna fix that up.

Yah I can see that now, Ill try fixing it up, and I found the wheels weren’t actually perfectly round so I fixed them up a bit. Oh and can people help me with color of the car? I want it to be black, but I dont know how to get the perfect shine on the car (ill try fooling around with color).

Well here is a quick test for color:
I think its too reflective, but it is the best I have came up with so far (Ven0mSevenX I fixed the line in the front of the car). And to the right of the picture is what I want the tint of the window to be.
C&C appreciated!

You know, Black is the hardest color to light…Maybe try another color for test reasons.

Oh I didn’t know that :expressionless: well I will try a diffrent color to start then move up to black. Maybe it should be red, well ill try and deside on a color I like.

I think the basic shape of the car is more then ok.
What i think you need to do, is to iron out thoose bumpy parts and maybe reduce the amount of loops in some places ( around the roof and tireholes).
Can you post a unsmoothed wire screendump, it’s really difficult
to tell something from thoose wires.

When looking for bumps and strange vertex-positions put a few lamps in the sceen and use a light-colored material with high spec.value.
Then move the camera around and render a few pics.

Another thing that I think is good, is to bild different parts in sepparated meshes.

Blend on!

Sure, Ill post you a normal wire sorry :expressionless:

Here are some normal wires:

I hope these wires are good enough.

Hey, no problem.

Ok, to me it looks like your loops seems to run in almost random directions.
Also i think you are having way to much loops and some of them dont have a function at all.

I will try to paint some things over your wires when having time.
Take a look at some of the car wip wires in this forum.

Blend on!

you have to many loopcuts. Lesser will make your car much smoother when subsurfed, and easier to modify. But you’re doing better then me, so keep going!

Sorry haven’t had much time to work on this, I deleted some loops by the wheel (Ill do the other wheel in a little while).

Here is the fixed wheel:

I have finally got enough time to work on the secound wheel, I fixed it up quite a bit (ill fix verts on roof next).

C&C apreciated!