Hello, this is my last work.

I like those, they look pretty nice! I hope when you say that this is your last work you mean your latest work because it seems to be pretty good!

They look really cool! Great model, textures, lighting, and just overall render.
Keep up the great work, and don’t make that your last work!


I absolutely love it! You really captured Pixar’s style.

Now thats cool!

You nailed the style.

fantastic i love the style

Very good renders, modeling is nice as well…
4 stars
keep it up

Very nice.

You have a very good model with very good lighting and that is not often seen in this forum. Congratulation. 5 stars from me.

And BTW welcome to elysiun, errr, forum

Could you post a wire and the light setup for us to admire ?

Now that, good sir, gives a new standard to fanart. XD Nicely done.

5 *, and I hope this won’t be your last work. Excellent job!

5* too!
Brilliant job!


Very nice! I love the Fiat 500 and you modeled it fine.
You could make pixar-looking eyes for make it even more pixar-style :wink:


wont suit Pixar’s “Cars” with such dotty eyes

Very good, 5 stars!
The only thing I think you could do to make it better would be make the eyes slightly bigger, I think they’re just fine as black dots though:D

Fantastic. No crits at all.


That is amazing, 5 stars for sure!

very nice project WOW !

wow amazing
render time ?

Forgot, 5 stars!

GAH! The Pix arent showing up!
Mind rehosting them? Sorry fo the trouble, but theyre apparently amazing…