i have been working on this car on and off for a long time. i have redone it like 4 times because i have improved in the time that i wasnt working on it. its my first car. :slight_smile:

im starting work on the inside soon but the outside is complete(accept for the side mirrors)

any critiques would be helpful. :smiley:




Awesome Bugatti, no crits from me.

great work! I like it :slight_smile:

Looks Great . I love the paint job.

Beautiful. :slight_smile: A hi-res image would be nice… so we can get a better look at the detail. :wink:

And its not a Camaro! lol.

thanks guys! yeah how do i upload a higher rez version? i uploaded a 1080p file but it lowered it to TINY.

Try Imageshack. That’s what I use… It’ll give you a link you can post here.

cool thanks!

which URL do i put into the attachments?

Neither. :wink: You can just put the direct link in the text of your post. Like this:

hope this works!

Or, just take this code they provide and copy-paste. that way you will put a thumbnail too.

I slightly modify the code (See attached screenshot ;)), so the link take directly to full sised image instead of the image on the site, and i remove the uploaded with imageshack link.


lol im soooo horrible with this kinda stuff. :frowning: i can work a 3d program but i cant post photos on a forum… DX

learn from me. :smile:
qoute my reply and you will see the code

oooo i hate the page stretching:eek:. please please do the thumbnail instead. it is nice and neat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and he will not be able to see code unless he clicks the “Uppercase A/A” button on the right top corner of the box where you type in the message (in advanced mode)(right above the similes).
btw, just taking the time to note how this thread has become an html support lol (dont have anything against it.)

he will see code
just press quote on my or your reply

ohwhat ever… :frowning: people can just click on my link… i need some critiques tho! unless there isnt anything that is wrong with it.

I think it is fine as it is, but you mentioned doing the interior?

yes. i posted this right before going to canada for vacation(no electricity) so i havent been able to do anything so far. im not even home for a few more days so dont expect anything for the next few days.

wow… this is amazing for a first car! its better than my latest car… and that was my 4rth… lol

one small crit… i dont know if this is ment to be like this or not but the hood seems a little bent the wrong way when it gets down to the front… only slightly… but then again… i dont know if this is ment to be like that or not…