Carbon Bass music page

Well I hope I dont get flamed for posting 2 things in the same week but it’s been suggested to me that I start a new thread for my music

these are all new , well to the internet… so far people have liked more Dearest and DarkMatter 137

just so you know this is all electronic music

I take full blame if anyone says this thread is spam
I think your music is great and deserved its own thread
Keep it up man!

I usually spend about a couple hours a night just looking around on the internet , and lately I’ve been clicking on Dearest and letting it loop for a hour or so.

When is the next group coming out?

Anyway great stuff man, keep it up :smiley:

Hey, those are pretty great!
Any way I can download all of them?
The website won’t let me download them for some reason, even with a membership… =/
but they are great!

hey! good link :smiley: if i cant copy music then i record it. i play it in winamp and record with MS moviemaker (.wma format :frowning: ) but that works for me anyway.

hey dont copy my music :x

lol just kidding, if you want to download them and cant, let me know by pm and I can just send them by msn or yahoo, tho the clicks on SoundClick gets me charted hehe

Good stuff, I like The Off Switch most.