Carcassonne Medieval city

or will it be then something like: “Die Schlosshalde/nturm” ?

Oh sorry :joy:

I didn’t understand what you meant ^^

the ‘\n’ represents a carriage return in the sentence. This escape code disappears in the final result.

this will appear like this in the app:

The Cautières

Also, ‘Cautières’ is a name and i guess, as it cannot really be translated, it should stay the same.
By the way, in german i think this should look like:
“Die Cautières\nturm” :slight_smile:

Am not sure though wether or not the accentuated character ‘è’ should be kept in german :wink:

Thanks a lot @dan_wipf for you time :smiley:

And happy blending !

Hi all :slight_smile:

some news on the project.
I did few work in blender but had to fix some little bugs and creates a ‘credits’ scrolling page in the app…

It will be very soon compiled and sent to my website and to google play store :wink:

Happy blending !

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for some fun, am giving 2 or 3 days on a work that needs to be done:
Night lighting of the city.

Those lights will all be installed in blender at the place they are in real life and each part of the city will be baked on a 1 channel lightmap for beeing mapped into unity and used on the citywall during night…

here’s a lil shot: 200 spot lights so far :sunglasses:

It’s far from the whole list of lights ( as there are some also along the streets ) but i soon can start baking and test the result in unity.
I had to write my own shader and it gives a 5% performance loss compared to the standard shader.
I hope i can do better :wink:

And here’s a quick render of the nights ligths in blender:

hope you like it :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

Hi all :slight_smile:

It’s been some days since i posted news of the project :smiley:

Here i come with some.

After looooooooong light bakes of the whole medieval city grounds walls towers and gates,
and also beeing bored by the famous cycles terminator bug ( that seems to be still unsolved in 2.8+, LMAO !!! ) that i had to resolve with GIMP’s resynth heal, after adding shader variants trimming them for lightmap handling and performance in U3D, after writing a custom texture importer and merger in U3D and after listenning hours of Led Zeppelin XD here are some screenshots of the medieval city at night:

And in play mode with some dazzling (fake as there are 230+) lights :

Lights are dynamically set up according to time of day and all of this runs of course on smartphones ( mine is a 4 years old J5 )

Hope you like it !

Happy blending !

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Hi all :slight_smile:

Some news from the project:
New app version for WIN-LIN-DROID is online with some basic sound and citywalls night lights :slight_smile:
Most shaders have been rewritten in a MULTI_COMPILE_LOCAL way ( will say nothing to blender user but it’s simply a faster way to draw various things in various condition ( like night & day )…
some small bugs removed, audio menu added and many other lil thingies…

Hope you’ll enjoy it !

now it’s time for the big one: The basilic…

Neo-gothic arch is tough and boring to model for a realtime target… I plan i have 100 to 150K triangles for this single piece of architecture.
LOD system will help a lot but even with it, i have to keep in view the app MUST run on mid-end smartphones.

So as a 1st start, here’s a lil pic of a ‘contrefort’ rendered with SC:

Happy blending !

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quick preview of the topmost railing of the Carcassonne’s basilica:

stone is clean and nice. somme dirt will be added later…

I’m exploding the triangles count… I’ll have to tweak all this carefully in U3D with LODS and occlusion for the app to run on small machines :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending :slight_smile:

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hi all :slight_smile:

It gives pretty nice results using sculpt stone windows details like this:

The problem i’m in is that there are dozens like this one and much more complex, and even if it’s still sculptable a quick tryout on my smartphone showed me i lost 60% of my frame rate wich makes the app unusable.

Therefore i’ll have to make and use textures. And here’s a first tryout:

I think the best compromise will be to model accurately those windows in 3D in blender, texture them
and bake normal and diffuse map to a texture so that the result looks homogeneous without loading the GPU at runtime…

However, my 1st step will be to model the Basilica with windows coming from photos…
One thing at a time :wink:

Happy blending !


Hi all :slight_smile:

Time passed since in posted here :stuck_out_tongue:
And i got few things to say from blender…
I went to the real-life medieval city where all are forced to wear a mask at a 38°C temperature in the shadows…
Even with this trial the walk inside the walls keeps beeing a pleasure.
I took many pics and vids at day and night and now i’m full of new infos for making the 3D grow…

When back i made a lil thingie that i though of during my trip:
Instead of popping the 3D right away when the app starts, how about making an appearing transition for the scene ?
Here’s the result. Some particles ( 10K ) and a rework of all shaders later:


Hope you like it :smiley:
Even with the numerous particles it runs smoothly ( thanks to U3D shader instancing ) and the lag you got in the gif comes from U3D throwing all things to GPU in play mode.

I’m also pretty glad i finally ( after 2 years i asked the question ? ) found a way of baking heightmaps in cycles ( as this thing worked since centuries in BI ):

I’ll have to rename the topic to ‘heightmap bake in cycles’…

Now it’s time to get back modeling the Basilic for wich i got many photos…

See you soon there with some updates :slight_smile:

And happy blending !


Hi all :slight_smile:

Some time since i wrote here…
no no am not ( yet ) dead :stuck_out_tongue: but hardly working on the Basilica.

More specifically on windows stonework ( wich is quite complicated to model realistically )

For sparing on triangles budget ( as the app is intended to run on smartphones ) i choosed the baking way:

  • diffuse/AO maps
  • heightmaps ( that i use for normals/bump )

Here’s a first mid-high poly tryout:

I’ve done many of those ( with different configurations ). My luck is that all the windows stonework is done based on the isocele triangle.
I base my modeling on Eugene-Viollet-Le-Duc’s writings and blueprints:

I still got lot to do and i come back here to show more on the baking results…

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

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Next step is the texturing of the main portal part:

and just after this, the diffuse map and heightmap bakes…

Happy blending !

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And here’s the final result:

Left & middle are 4100 triangles meshes and right is a 71 triangles mesh with diff/AO and bump map:

Obviously, the technique is not intended for deep sculpting but i guess it can do the trick for stting up a LOD system in unity, making far elements very cheap to render…

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Happy blending !


hi all :slight_smile:

some more progress on stone ornaments with ( stylised ) vine leaves sculpts:

On top is the 451000 triangles version and on bottom is the 2 triangles version with baked
height and diffuse/AO.

I used a small blue point light on both for fun :wink:

Happy blending !


One more :slight_smile:

Happy blending !


Hi all :slight_smile:

1 week of break later and lots of time on the Basilic, i decided to change some few things in the app, and also finalize the few 7 missing spots in the scene for night city lighting…

I added in the bake shader of ground, the bump information. Looks better but cycles still pooes on the bake ( this is not a bug but a feature for cycles :rofl: ) hopefully i can get rid of all the cycles shits/bugs with a software that works: Gimp :slight_smile:

When all lights i want are in the scene and all is baked ( with firflies and terminator ( lmao this cycles is an amasing piece of crap ) ) and corrected with gimp, i’ll republish the app without the Basilic.

This one will come later as there’s still lots to be done on it so far.

Happy blending !


this looks amazing.

have you looked at using Grasswald for the folidge etc etc? it would really help.

its a shame that total war can’t make cities of this size or authenticity!

Glad you like it :slight_smile: !
thanks @orillaz

Unfortunately, as my budget is of 0$ i didn’t use Graswald :wink:
For trees, i use Mtree wich works both in Blender and Unity3D with a LOD system.
At last but not least, i have to be very carefull at using vegetation because it’s usually very expensive to render and the app must run on smartphones.

Sorry i don’t know what is total war :confused:

Thanks for your post and happy blending ! :slight_smile:

Better than the city than I made in my project.

glad you like it @XeroShadow :slight_smile:

Did you give a try at the apps for a free night or day 3D walk in the medieval city ? win or lin or droid ?

It’s been some time i did not post news here.
It’s because of various things ( unity update, reworks of some scripts and methods and also mostly because of cycles bugs/features )

I finally found the perfect workaround for fireflies and will go on with my 3D :slight_smile:

Hope to post here soon and hear from you all :slight_smile:

happy blending !

WOW ! :open_mouth:

22 days since my previous post. Time passes so fast !!!

I haven’t been inactive though. 2 weeks of mechanics on my car ( putting out engine & gearbox & putting it back in ), some health problems and lots of struggles with blender that gives me unsatisfying results…

Finally i decided to switch to blender 2.9 !!! :smiley:
The bakes finally have no fireflies. 2.79 cycles was a real shit and 2.9 one ( is the same i guess :stuck_out_tongue: ) but have seriously been improved and becomes usable.
2.9 ( as a new soft ) have new bugs ( features :rofl: ) but i guess i can workaround them and still make blender a usefull tool.

At moment, i’m rebaking all lightmaps and will also make some for streetlights…
Soon you can see here ( and get the app ) night time walks in the city with street lights ( it’s nicer i think :wink: )

Happy blending !