Carcassonne Medieval city

Hey all :slight_smile:

Am definetely back there !
Car is running perfectly and i had to trim lightmap bakes on blender 2.9
Also the 2.79 to 2.9 asked me to waste/spend some time but it w as work the time as the bakes have nothing in common with the 2.79 ones.

Here’s a screen of the WIP :slight_smile:

There are still hours/days for finishing the calculations but all is in a good track.

Aside this, i also scripted U3D a bit so that inside each lantern, U3D generates an HDR emitting billboard at night so that it gives a small glare just like the citywalls big projectors…

After all night lights are baked ( some of the city walls & gates need to be rebaked ) i’ll launch a new version and then get back working on the Basilic that still needs lots of work for beeing shown.

See you soon and happy blending ! :slight_smile:

I’m making one too! Early stages…

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