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Hey guys !!!

am back there :))
i used to model historical architectural thingies… just like Knightsbury i worked on with Manorial.
I model and texture all with Blender and make scenes immersive with Unity3D.
( i don’t like blender GE wich is tooooo slow and not user friendly enough )
the aim of this project is to allow ppl visit the medieval city in first person view
( therefore in realtime ) and make it accessible on the web.

This is the first post of a long adventure and mebe collab for all thos who would wish to join.

I’ll post shots of blender/Unity3d as soon as i can

regards to all !

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2D works for texturing and ‘materialling’ the main model: Carcassonne texture and material works

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Reserved again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, there. I’ve followed your and Manorial’s old Knightsbury project and it was nice to see it come to life. If you’re searching for some low poly modeller I’d like to offer my humble services because I’ve always been interested in such projects. I can send you some work samples and answer any questions you may have via pm, fb, discord or any other means so I don’t spam here. Take care.

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Hello Goh :slight_smile:

it’s a very nice offer !!! i thank you very much !!!
Yes for sure that in such a huge project any help will be precious :wink:

it’s too bad that i lost contact with Manorial. mebe one day he’ll be back there ?
would be great.

oh sure you could PM me som of your work :smiley:
are you a professionnal or an hobbyist ? what do you like/know to do in 3D ?
what will be needed is

  • nodes and procedural material knowledge
  • realistic and seamless texture baking from material
  • multiLOD modeling ( and normal baking on very high poly models )
  • verification/rework/enhancement of other ppl work
  • intelligent unwrapping for both AO baking and material mapping
  • modeling from scrach of numerous and various things like furniture, vehicles,
    architecture, broken things, piles of crap, vegetation etc…
  • character/animals modeling/rigging/animating with makehuman/rigify
  • skybox creation/baking
  • blender GE integration
  • and many more things x))

for now i collect a huge amount of data about the city of Carcassonne and i work on
some low level tools and way of doing things like splatmapping.

I’ll soon post a tiny ( tho it was somewhat long and difficult to achieve as i learn
things everyday and often redo the job when not satified of the result ) work i did
for modeling dirty/mossy slate tiles i baked to seamless textures. result is interresting
but any reworks/enhancements/ideas/tryouts will be appreciated and shared over here

also for the moment i’m renovating my old projects on my old website
so that ppl can access and see them and can visit virtual historic places in first person view. This rework will take time but is necessary for me to relearn unity3D wich will be
one of the integration platform for the final Carcassonne project.

i’ll be back soon :wink:

regards and take care

Carcassonne texture and material works
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as promised, here are some posts of the WIP on carcassonne city…

first of all here’s a 'global view of the medieval city as it is nowadays:

okay… next step is… to make this a nice 3D scene !!!

still WIP… here are some screens :slight_smile:
this is the ‘barbacane Saint-Louis’. Some things have to be reworked but most of things
are here :slight_smile:

next is a ‘little’ tower called ‘tower of Berard’.

seen from behind ( sorry for the culling mess-up :confused: )

and at last ( for the moment ) but not least, the citygate called ‘porte Narbonnaise’
seen from front and from back…
sorry non have it’s dirtmap yet :confused:

hope you like it :slight_smile:
i didn’t show the few citywall parts i also made…

finally, here is what it looks like in unity3D…

this runs a 130fps for now… no doubt the donkey will be soon loaded :stuck_out_tongue:

happy blending !!!

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Why not use UPBGE instead of Unity?

( #8

Please no engine wars on this thread @UnidayStudio (and @BluePrintRandom)…

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I’m sorry, this wasn’t my objective. I’d not seen the message before.

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a new tower: La Peyre tower.

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Starting the model of a new big piece of architecture: the Vade tower :slight_smile:

AO is too strong but i like it that way to enhance some details :stuck_out_tongue: