Card alpha hair in GSLS engine.

How should I approach making this type of hair? And to get it to display in the realtime view port without making the entire model transparent.

I’d like to have a decent real-time hair like his, and have it transferable to Marmoset ToolBag’s render engine.

Is it even possible to store an alpha map on a alpha layer that would cause this effect only on the hair part of a texture sheet? This would be easy and a non issue if I just used 2 materials in blender and that was it. However that limits the game character to blender’s engine only.

You’ll have some problems exporting to Marmoset; Blender can’t export in chunks, which Marmoset needs for alpha mapping. I think it can’t render something behind an alpha unless it’s a different chunk, or something like that anyway.


i think it is very expensive to render hair using GI or FG , and the rapid method is do a good job on rendering hair with detail shadow map.