Cardboard Armor, Bjork, and PFCA: Script Advice Wanted

I’m currently working on a new short film. I’m in the midst of the planning stage. It’s intended to be a parody of superhero films in general and “The Avengers” in particular. Hence the title: “The Revengers.” Essentially, it’s the humorous tale of an inept group of superheroes attempting to dislodge a terrorist group from their Australian stronghold. The three are Cardboard Man, Private First Class America, and Bjork (The Norse god of minor static discharge).
As I’m certainly no professional screenwriter, and I feel it’s important to get a wide variety of opinions on my treatment, I thought I’d post the first bit of the script (up to the climactic action scene) up here. If anyone can take a look at it and give me some criticism on it, I’d be very thankful. Here’s the link:
The Revengers Screenplay