Cardboard Box - First Render

Apart from creating a mug and a bowl (of which I followed a tutorial step-by-step), this is my first render in Blender (or any 3D modelling program). So, I decided to try and create something simple to help me learn how to use the various tools (scale, rotate, grab etc).

I quite like the result, I’m happy with the textures. Only thing I wasn’t sure how to improve was the globe light. I was trying to mimic something like this, but much brighter:

Although the globe light looks nice, it doesn’t look very realistic in the render. How could I improve on this?

Yeah,I agree that the texture’s very good so far.
But what your purpose to make the global light?


Maybe I should’ve been clearer - I meant the small ball of light and not the global light of the scene. I’m trying mimic a ‘mood light’ as shown in the 2nd image. Currently I feel it looks too ‘artificial’ and not much like an actual object.

It looks pretty good. The edges of the box are too sharp though, they need a slight bevel. Maybe dent a corner in or so to make it look like someone dropped it. Also, how often do you actually have a blank cardboard box? It should have some markings at least.

For the globe light I would say you should add in a stand and a cord. I think it looks unrealistic because it is just a sphere with nothing else attached.

What Mister_Figgs said about the globe light, and the fact that it is just sitting on the floor, an unusual place to find a light. That alone makes it look unrealistic, no matter how well it is shaded and rendered.