Cardboard city
Just a little something I did with flat surfaces.(well, extruded out a little to give a teeny bit of thickness and to define edges better.)

You have teh skillz for teh abtract.
I saw this and decided it was “worthy” of me saying something :wink: lol

Good job! Keep it up!

I actually really like this, just maybe lose that blender internal font.

The light setup you use is pretty much ok for this, but then this could have been done in MS paint.

I swear that font could make a Monet look like a tramps anus.

I know where the font files are on my win XP system, but I bet more would ditch the font if it had like a font previewer like MS paint and all those other programs. Maybe for 2.37?

It’s interesting to note that Blender’s internal font is a slight variant of Gill Sans ( ), a font designed by Eric Gill between 1928 and 1930. It’s used for signage all the time; I see it frequently in the Princeton University Store. While there are better choices, this one isn’t bad.

If you were to change fonts, make sure to keep it blocky and sans serif.


I like the simplicity of it! Continue!

I really like this image.
The only problem I can see, is that, at the top, the yellow circles seem to stick out too far (to me) but you don’t have to please everyone…
BTW, I think the Blender font is Ok…

I think it’s pretty difficult to make such an easy thing in Blender!
You have to undo all the standarts in Blender to get this :wink:

You are kidding?! This image is just some randomly shaped planes, with some colours. This is probably one of the easiest things you could to in blender.

lol, just a joke:P

but you still need to select the camera and press Ortho :wink:

I like it, it’s very simple but very abstract,
but I think you can do a lot more with the shadow though ;).

i think whats missing are some cardboard figures to let it look right

i mean, just now it looks (on the first glance) like an accident
would be great if you improve it, i like the colours!

It’s nice and all, but if you took it on an angle so you could see between the buildings a little, it would add some abstrac-ness to it.

But yeah, it’s flat…

Is that a joke? If yes, it’s a bad one.

I would wager that Kansas is taking the p*ss out of anyone who replies to these ridiculous “Finished Projects”.

Yeah, I’m probably more stupid for replying at all than he is for posting it :wink:

Although I didn’t read the entire thread, I’m sure many blinded, ill people (blinded by society and the media) will actually have said “GOOD WORK!” :wink:

I think I need another YELLOW CUBE WITH INTERESTING LIGHTING thread :slight_smile:

why do you do this?
why dont you let him make his art and let some people post some comments without flaming?

has to be funny to flame somebody, guess i will i try it soon, too :-?

Because it’s no art. If you think it is, you belong to the aforementioned group of blinded.

Forget everything that you see in the media and in the world around you. Use your common sense and ask yourself: “How difficult is it to throw together a few arbitrary (non-fitting) colored rectangles and call it a city?”.

If your answer is “Very! I couldn’t do it”, then you’re either incredible untalented, or you are just lying :slight_smile:

is it art or not, don’t make such shameful comments…

as if kansas’ images are influencing you in such extent…
if they are, they represent sth you are not oblivous to, and imho that counts.

It’s going too far. If you happen to dislike him or his images, just shut up…


Pfff… what do you reply to such a post…

Kansas may be a very nice guy actually! (Although I’ve heard different things, but maybe those people just were stupid, like me!)…

But that doesn’t change the fact that is either not too talented or needs to put a bit more effort into his work :wink:

It’s not meant in an offensive way, you know. People don’t need to be talented to be of value…