Cardboard Tank

Someone suggested to me that my cardboard models looked to perfect. I gave it some character and roughness and wanted to get some feedback. It is for a larger scene but I only edited the one vehicle to see the effect. I am wondering if it would be worth my time to give the same effect to the rest of the models. Any advice?



Any thoughts on the changes?

I think the look awesome. If I was going to change anything about the textures I might add in some grunge or grime more on the lower half and the treads. May e black marks to make it look like it was fired? Other than those couple things I wouldt change a thing.

I think the tree should be made with the same textures as the rest of it. The values and saturation of it seem off. Cool render though.

I think the modeling is great. The only problem I see is the textures. They’re too low-res, and the tiling is arranging them into unnatural-looking lines. Once that’s out of the way, you might also want to work on lighting, but it’s a really good start.

Definitely looking good. The cardboard on the tank looks good. But the flat cardboard (the non-wavy pieces) used for the rocks and the ground plane is too thick.

I agree that some of the texture is too low res. And there could be some adjustment with the lighting. It looks too bright to me. Although I struggle with lighting myself.