Cardiff Racing Formula Student Car

Hi all!

This is my first post on BA!
Here’s a rendered image and assembly video I created for Cardiff Racing for their 2016 car - CR12.

I joined Cardiff Racing in my first year of Uni (this year just passed), and offered up my Blender skills to create the image/video. The aim for the team was to aid their commitment to a professional public image, but from a personal aspect it was my first chance to work with a group of people to create something that we would actually use to publicise our team! Exciting.

Any feedback would be warmly welcomed as I’d (well, we’d) like to create a similar type of video for next year, but obviously ramp it up a bit.

Approximately 300 hours render time total across a few machines using a mixture of GPU and CPU.

I know there are a multitude of improvements that could have been made before release, but I was running short for time both on finishing the project and having enough time to render it!



I’m Tom from University of Leicester Racing and we’re considering moving from our previous CAD rendering and animation software, Keyshot6 to Blender. What are the major challenges of using blender and how well do the CAD assembelies import to Bender? Best of luck with your render this year.