CardinalMouse - Addon for quick access to numpad keys via the mouse.

Just built a quick addon (mostly for myself) with my interaction preset so that I can avoid using the numpad to switch between the orthogonal directions (Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back).

Interaction is like this:
View - Key
Front - Alt+MMB Click
Back - Alt+MMB Double Click
Left Side - Alt+MMB Tweak Right (Tweaks are like swipes on a tablet)
Right Side - Alt+MMB Tweak Left
Top - Alt+MMB Tweak Down
Bottom - Alt+MMB Tweak Up

At first glance, all the directions might look reversed, but it works like “throwing” the model into position. It’s wonderfully fast and does not interfere with the pressing alt after starting a rotation to snap into ortho views. Give it a try and give me some feedback!



I’m keeping this forever. And ever. And EVER. Since this is GPL, I’m going to include it in addons_extern. I’ve been wanting to get out of numpad for a while, but I’ve been so out of Blender recently that I haven’t gotten to it.

Many thanks, sir. I will keep this thread bookmarked and spread the word.

This is very handy. thank you.
Do you have a plan to implement camera view?

Thanks, feel free to include it - I would have done so myself, especially if the reception is good. But if you want to it’s less work for me…and I got too much work as it is!

If you can think of an awesome keybind that would not interfere with the others I would not be opposed. The reason I did not is there is not one that really just logically “fits”. Also, when modeling, I don’t go into camera view every few seconds, but I do go into all the other views that way. I don’t mind hitting the view from camera button now and again. One that I think might be more important is the view selected button. (Numpad .) But once again, I don’t have a super logical solution yet.

I understand. Thank you!

would be cool if someone made an addon like this,
for people on laptops without a numpad,
also would be nice for use with a tablet.

This is so great!
Just found it 5 minutes ago, and I am already using it and it just feels right. :smiley:

This is great for people like me that uses a laptop without numpad! I can now turn off the “Emulate Numpad” in the Preferences and go back to using keyboard numbers for layers and more :smiley:
I can even use my mouse for the entire view stuff! As it has 5 buttons, I use button 5 to View Selected, and button 4 for Camera (these two are the usual back and forth browsing buttons)

Thank you for this addon, it would be nice to be included in the next Blender release, as it is so handy and intuitive.

@holyenigma74 There’s already something similar to handle the views and camera (not an actual numpad, of course): it’s 3Dview

ah thanks @manelmeirinhos, its included in blender already, in addons under “testing”
called 3D navigation. it shows up as a tab in the t panel

Thank you very much. This add-on is really awesome.