Any ideas on what to add to this scene? Or change?

Maybe add a light bump map to the wood underneath, jsut to test it out. Also, those cards appear to be floating (or leaning on an object that we can’t see?) Maybe add some poler chips or something. Just seems a bit too empty. Also the texture mapping on the cards appears to be a little bit off, too far to the edges I think.

Happy Blending

Shadows are pitch black. Try to add some AO .

I would make corners rounded.

fair enough

The corners are rounded, I guess I could make it more distinct. I messed around with some compositing just trying to learn it.

So I made a 357. mag and thought it would look neat with the cards…

I think you should rearrange them because they are looking very artificial.

The mapping on the cards is a bit off, the white border around the back of the card should be even on all four edges. The same problem seems to occur on the front too. Personally I don’t like guns but that is personal preference!

Ok, so I tried fixing the cards uvmapping, I really can’t see anything wrong with it… maybe my eyes are no good lol. I would like to have a spilt liquid coming from this shotglass, would I do that with just a texture? Or would I need to do some sort of liquid sim? Thanks so much for the help.