Care For A Swim?

This is 2 test renders I generated from a character I’m currently working on. The full body shot is a little outdated but I’ll hopefully update soon.

As of now I have to make some changes in musculature to help sell the swimmer look, So I need to hunt down some swimmer ref. I need to make some changes in materials and decide if I want accessories or not. What do you guys think?


Here’s where the sculpting is now, I haven’t made any changes yet.


I like the creature very much. Nice sculpt. Perhaps he need some bigger feet to be a better swimmer?

I’m glad you like him. :slight_smile:

Maybe, but I imagined him walking along the bottom of the ocean using his arms mostly for propulsion. Which is why I need to bulk up his biceps and pectorals.

Right now I’m really trying to decide how intelligent he is and if he is intelligent how this would affect his appearance, such as accessories, equipment, etc.