care for some maths?

i don’t know which one should i post on so i putted it into the general one so that it can be sorted
i need to make a shell, and there are some equations that i found for Fibonacci spiral, but is there a way to enter these equations?
i tried it with the maths function, but it says error for some reason
x(t) = a*e^{bt} cos(t)
y(t) = a
e^{bt} *sin(t)
please help me, or is there another way to make perfect shells?

not certain but replace ^ wiht **
and it should work

which addon are you using is it math 3D ?

happy bl

You have to enable the math addon in the preferences, but after that it’s really simple to make this very basic shape. There might even be a preset for it.

^ = power of (pow) should be written as ** in python, or use math.pow(base, exp)

i tried, but it’s not working…
what should i do?
i’m using the “extra objects” addon

HI, It works fine for me. I did:
Ctrl + Alt+U /add on / Add mesh : extra objects
Add Mesh / Extra objects / Math Function / XYZ Math surface
T to enter parameters:
X equation: 2cos(u)e*(u/10)
Y equation: 2
Z equation: 0
U min: 0
U max : 10 * pi
U step : 64
choose top view