Care for some reading?

Blender 2.82, Steam version.
128 samples.
No compositing.

Although I’m also modeling a Macbook Air, the one on the render is a download.
The third image shows my topology of the laptop I’m currently doing.

The second image shows the scene in question.


thought that the render was a photo and i still think it is. Great job at bamboozling me.

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makes one think how many photos we’ve seen which in fact weren’t


I’ve been wondering that ever since I started 3D modeling :stuck_out_tongue:

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Admit it, all your renders are actually photos lol

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excellent job!
Very realistic
how did you make the bubble or foam in the cup?

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It’s literally a flat plane/circle with a coffee texture on it hah

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Existential crisis moment

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Yes, and I think this will hit actors in the future. There’s also big trouble ahead as regards news, most deep fakes around now can still be figured out but in the decades to come it might well become impossible to tell lie from reality. Difficult enough right now :confused: