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what are some careers in this field?

In which field? Some of the fields where career opportunities for various CG skills exist are Games, Advertising, Education and to a lesser extent Movies.


Architect visualization is great for cash too, first thing… learn blender :smiley:

lets just say video game design or movies. is there career opportunities? or is everything outsourced.

Outsourcing does not affect the career opportunities - someone still has to do the work.
There certainly are career opportunities. I know people in different countries doing games and movie 3d work.
Advertising is one big field for movie animation and special effects.

There’s lots of stuff & you get to make friends too!

check this out… it might help…

That’s a baseless argument.

The fact that “someone still has to do the work”, does not make outsourcing benign in the scope of career opportunities.

Without delving into some deeper discussion on economic theory here; on the merits of just logic alone, I think it’s safe to assume that everything that can be outsourced will eventually be outsourced.

Work moves where labor is cheaper.

Make plans with that in mind.