"Careful with that Axe, Eugene"

Another very simple work:
Modelled and rendered in blender.
No postproduction.

WOW where did you get your wood textures!
Turn up the spec and hard on the apple

Good job! the textures are amazing. keep up the good work man!

I had to post just for the title.
Haven’t heard that song for years!

Creepy, creepy song - although I never imagined apples as I listened to it. :smiley:


nice texture work! but this work is not perfect yet :slight_smile: . while you did a great work on the wood (bothe the stem and the handle), the apple looks flat and the axe blade looks a bit like plastic… maybe more reflection and corosion could make it loook a bit more metalic. the bacground is nice but again too falt. dof is good and gives the picture volume and the lighting is good - area lamps?


Nice, nice, nice.

A few crits:

  1. The wood texture seems to have a very low NOR value. Looks almost flat. You may want to turn it up.
  2. The apple core also is very flat. You should add a bump map to that too. I also agree about the SPEC and HARD values that Jedi Dawn mentioned.
  3. The whole image seems to be too bright and over saturated as well. Try it will a little less light power and maybe post pro it to tone down the saturation.


Very nice work, and I agree about the apple and wood after looking at them some more, the DOF is nice as well.

‘one of these days im going to chop you into little pieces’


looks good, but i think that the background seems a little bit detached, no biggie tho

i’m not sure. but this give the impression the background and the wood is a real photo you did take yourself or from internet and the axe and apple is composited. Sorry if it’s not but I can’t get this idea off me.
But the axe and apple is realy well done.
i noticed you axe dont look like getting in the wood. Maybe more shadows…
that’s all.

Thanks for comments :wink:
Wood material is made based on photos taken by me.
There is one arealight and AO lighting.
Here is final version - I know it’s not perfect but maybe my next picture will be better.

Could you post the wood texture it would be helpful to have.