Careful with that axe, Eugene

Hi guys, first post here

Here are my lastest job done in Blender, inspired by the song “Careful with that axe, Eugene” by Pink Floyd, one of my favorite bands.

All done in Blender Cycles (Including sculpt) and post-produced in Photoshop.

Hope you like it (:

And here the Breakdown:

More details and step by step of this job, on my portfolio on Behance:

the texturing is just amazing!

could you detail the process a little?

thanks dude, i will try explain a little with my bad english haha

well, the secret are masks!

i worked each texture separated (wood base, wood underneath, metal, rusty, etc) and after, i play with masks to reveal each one.

only in the axe (in metal and wood) i painted with stencil brush, that give me more freedom to detail.
no Normal Maps are used, only Bumps made in photoshop…

some textures:

very nice… nice texturing
but that black material part of the axe could be improve more… idk … like less bump and a bit more glossy …