Carelessness and fireworks

2 hours ago we finished our fireworks display and we did a lot of stuff people wouldn’t normally do.

the list

-launching half the big ones upside down just outside the pool (our friends have a pool)
-launching them in a culvert under a nearby cart path
-launching them from an out of bounds pipe
-throwing them by hand when lit
-sticking action figures on the fireworks and putting them in launch tubes
-throw flying spinners (we were at a friends house and it raced a foot away from people viewing, ricocheted off the deck two times and then through the trees
-aim them at targets like trees
-throwing smoke bombs back and forth

We almost burned one person when a spark fell on her lap.
At a few moments it almost looked like they (the launchers) were drunken turds.

well… i didnt do anything too crazy…

i accidentaly aimed a roman candle at a tree…

i didnt do anything crazy with the mortars… put them in the right way…

the bottle rockets are so unpredictable though. sometimes i aim them ‘away’ from the house, and they just do a half loop toward the house.

We got some cheap mortar style things. Pop a long fused bomb into the tube and light.

Right, works great. Just don’t put two in when the box says “DON’T PUT MORE THAN ONE BOMB IN AT A TIME”.

**** that.

We dropped two in, one on the other. I lit the fuse of the top one which was tangled and intertwined around the second. The first one went off and dragged the second out enough that it fell back to earth about 2 feet above the ground, then it went off and shot towards us from about 20 feet away.

It exploded into the edge of the sidewalk about 6 inches away.

I’m glad we didn’t have any goodies left after that, the amount of sparks and offshoots around us probably would’ve set anymore off…

I’ll follow the instructions from now on. :smiley:

Fireworkd were made for stupid people.

I did a lot of that stuff. aiming bottle rockets into a body of water is a lot of fun :slight_smile:

And here I was thinking only the Dutch did mad crazy things with fireworks… I should know, my uncle is a plastic surgeon, new-years’eve is also called “high season” at his clinic.

Ok I’ll go hide the spud gun, the smoke bombs and the bowl of glitter magnesium…

I’d rather go on experiment with permanent light shows using laser and industrial size mist machines and ventilation systems to make 10 feet high mini tornado’s… still need an to scrunge an electric motor from a spin- dryer.

My state has pretty hefty restrictions on fireworks, which makes it a little harder to get the “fun stuff.”

Though as soon as I get some, maybe some friends and I will start a new game of Firecracker Baseball.

You use the aluminum bats with those right? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah pa laws restrict pretty much all posession of fireworks. doesnt stop me from getting them in ohio and bringing them back :stuck_out_tongue:

Carelessness? There is no carelessness with fireworks… Only intentional stupidity. Hehehehehhe… Exploding… Yeah, so…

Blew up some cans and water melons with Yellow Jackets (take the wings off and they’re like M80s)

Tossed some mortars around (gotta really watch the timing with that… Nearly went very badly fora buddie of mine, heheh)

Shot many bottle rockets off randomly

Made a sparkler bomb… Those things are insane… So much exploding!!:smiley:

Fused a bunch of 36 shot thingies together and had an awesome finaly from them.

The only mishap we had, was there was this little thing from the indian reservation we got, and no one knew what it was. So we put it in the ground pointing toward the water (we were hanging on this guys beach) but the thing shot off, flipped over, flew back along the big lawn toward our parents in the house, flew over the house, and blew up like a gigantic mortar :eek: We got in a bit of trouble over that.

That was such a fun night… God, now I have to wait another whole year to blow stuff up :frowning:

bottle rocket wars are fun…

you stick a pipe on your sholder and have a friend and you on a team they light one and stick it in the back end and you aim it at people

or just shoot the bottle rockets out of your hand at them

and smoke bomb wars are fun too like throw them at people and stuff but they are really hot and stain clothes bad

sparkler bombs are fun also

threw a gross(144) of bottle rockets into the fire with a bunvh of pople standing around… good times

rip the sticks off bottle rockets and stick them in a bowl

we launched bottle rockets back and forth towards each other, we launched them at trees, lamp posts,street signs, everything. and the roman candles…oh man.

we tried making a couple sparkler “bombs” also. and we tried setting off a few cheap shells, the kind that go into launch tubes, in the middle of the street.

then when we were out of firecrackers we just tackled each other.

I forgot to mention that we may do this next year and you could try too.

We did once think that next year we can stick beanie babies in launch tubes and blow them up with beans flying everywhere (not my beanies):smiley:

Like a shotgun? Just use like popcorn in a bag, then it shouldn’t be toooo leathal. Anyways, I try to stay away from lound noises, as they tend to hurt my ears. We had 3 whistlers explode on the ground. I didn’t quite cover my ears fast enough… that hurt.


This is why the 5th of July should be a holiday as well… everyone either has a hangover, or is in the hospital.

haha my uncle blew his hand off with fireworks, it was awsome!

I didn’t think anyone else did that. My brother did the past two years, but we kept it limited to “display quality” fireworks this year.

One my brother set off (it was one of the box shaped ones that shot exploding balls) tipped over and turned a random direction every time it went off.

The women (my mother, fiancé, two sister-in-laws, one of my sister-in-law’s mothers, and her sister) were sitting on an 8 foot high deck and somehow one of the shots managed to hit my mother on the leg (no damage, but she said it stung).

Another shot bounced off of the chair my brother’s wife’s sister’s husband was sitting in and landed right beside my feet. One brother was jumping back and forth, the other one was trying to get in close enough to aim it for the woods, and my brother’s wife’s sister’s husband and I were just running for the front yard hoping that his wife and my fiancé didn’t get hit.

The women were sitting on the deck, apparantly not worried that another shot may land up there, sounding like Statler and Waldorf.

We had to stomp out no less than ten small grass fires before we could continue with the display.

And also don’t run with scissors, or talk to strangers. :wink:

i laughed… i know its not right, but its just the way you said it… lol

i have SOOO many fireworks left, i always go overboard with the buy one get one free sale at phantom.

my friends and i will set them off sometime.

any fireworks that fly into the air are illegal here in MI. my freinds all brag about how they import from ohio.

f*** them. my uncle imports from russia. you ever see those 1 ft diameter rockets in the roadrunner cartoons? they exist. and they’re friggin awesome.
between those and my cousin’s boyfriend’s flamethrower ( made from a modified supersoaker) we had the cops called on us. twice.

fortunately we seem like quite a preppy family, and my uncle’s neihbors have a reputation for calling the cops about the smallest little things.

Dittohead, you live north of Vancouver, WA, right? For anyone that’s never been in the Pacific Northwest (USA) around 4th of July, it’s like a freakin’ war zone. For weeks before and after the holiday the whole region is alive with explosions. If there’s people, there are things detonating. It’s really fun.