I’ve been working on this game for a few days now and decided I would share it. I’m hoping to get the main menu done soon. Sorry for the video quality I didnt think it would look so crappy. I had to keep the file size down so It wouldnt take forever to upload. heres the link

nice :slight_smile:

Hey Asian.Monkey ,
it looks awesome dude,the physics look pretty good and the only “complaint” i would have is that u could fix a little bit of the cement blocks delay when it drops on the ground and id say that if u fix it to t6he same values of the barrel it would be perfect…the camera rotation values rock!!! i love the steering system too and on the top of that the graphics looks pretty cool too ,Congratz dude!!! nice job;)
Kind regards,

cool game!

thank all of you for your replies.

ShortkeyFmeout2: Thanks for the tip. I didn’t even notice but i had damping on the location and I have no idea why. It looks alot better now.